Several months ago I had the privilege of participating in a fanmade Kyoukai no Kanata artbook with thirty-some other artists. You can read more about it here.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project!

Just wanted to give a heads up, I’m in the process of getting settled into Baltimore/my dorm, so I likely won’t be posting any art for a while. Thanks for understanding!


Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say that I really really love your art. It's so beautiful and genuine and it has this impression of being really optimistic. I can't wait to see what you make in the future. Best of luck at school!

Thank you so much!! Hearing this means a lot to me, thank you for taking the time to send such a sweet message!!! :”000

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I got an instagram! I’ll be using it mostly to post art, but there will probably be a lot of other things too.

Anonymous asked: So a bunch of my favorite artists on tumblr have been talking about how great the twitter art community is and I'm really curious/kind of want to try it out. How do you get involved with and interact with the community and what's it like?

I love twitter!!

Twitter’s a great way to get to know artists more personally, and feedback feels more direct and helpful than it does on tumblr. It also has a more positive atmosphere—sometimes it feels like tumblr has turned negativity into a trend, but I see very little of that kind of energy on twitter.

Also if you follow the right people, you will see information about job opportunities in the industry as they open up, so that’s a huge plus!

As for getting involved: stay active, post your art, follow artists you care about, and talk to them from time to time! Be nice and be genuine about your interactions, and eventually you will find a community forming around you.

Go for it! The twitter art community is awesome!

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me making art of other people making art

meowgon asked: would you mind if i used your komari picture as my mobile header? i'll give a link back to you! it's cool if not haha just figured i'd ask, i love the colors

yeah, that’s totally ok! and thanks!

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cat sisters, what are you thinking?