the sea

I’m on a mission to make 100 sketchbook drawings related to fish! Currently at 8%. 

I’ll be posting them more frequently on twitter and instagram 


Hey followers! I’ve been semi-inactive lately, usually in the past I’ve done weekly sketch posts, but I decided instead to upload my whole sketchbook to gumroad! You can get it here for $2 but feel free to give more if you want to!

HEY EVERYONE there’s some really good stuff in here and $2 is more than worth it for a look through. Check it out!!!

conceptual self portrait (ink on post-it notes)

a little interactive installation piece for my drawing class! the assignment was to make art out of chaos (the white bits of paper are originally from a large sheet of paper that our whole class scribbled on)

#mica hw  

Anonymous asked: What kind of sketchbooks do you use or have used in the past that you really like and why? I'm trying to get a new sketchbook, and I use similar mediums as you to sketch with, so I'm wondering if there's any good suggestions that you have. I really love your art, have fun at MICA and keep it up :)

Right now I’m using a cheap sketchbook from Barnes and Noble. The paper is NOT great (warps with wet media, bleeds and feathers with ink etc). I count that as a good thing though…since it’s so cheap I’m more willing to take risks and learn :^)

Currently, if I want to use nice paper like for watercolors or toned paper I just glue it in hahaha

If you want a nice sketchbook I recommend Handbook artist journals. The paper in them is really great (I talked a little about them in this post) plus they look cute lol

Hope that helps, and thanks a bunch!!

done for homework, the prompt was to make a self portrait without using my face

school has started! I can tell classes will be keeping me very busy, but I’m not sure if that means I’ll be posting more art or less…

su904 asked: I follow your Insta+Twitters and I just want to say that you are a quality cutie. I like to read what you have to say on things.

:0 aw thank you so much!!!!

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