2. INK PEN: $20
  3. BRUSH PEN: $25
  4. +SIMPLE COLOR: +$12


  • prices are per character
  • pay up front via Paypal
  • visual ref preferred, but I’ll do my best with text description
  • contact me at

For $4 commission info click here!

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Hi everyone! I need to save up cash for college and I would really appreciate your support, so please consider and spread the word if you could!

chin up, tomorrow will be a better day

Anonymous asked: When did you start drawing characters? I really want to be able to draw like you. I currently suck at drawing people and i'm just wondering how you built up your skill!

:O Thank you, I’m so flattered!! 

I think I started in middle school/age ~13? I started by copying art I admired like Bleach or stuff on Deviantart. That’s kind of embarrassing to reflect on, but it’s not a terrible place to start!

As long as you don’t claim it as your own or post it anywhere, copying can be a great exercise. It lets you gain an understanding of how other artists interpret the world. And don’t just study a few artists—do a LOT! Study artists whose styles are all across the board and outside of your comfort zone!

(You should absolutely do observational studies on your own too, but I think studying other artists makes the process less intimidating)

As for observational drawings: do a lot and do them often, lots more than you do artist studies. Keep a sketchbook with you, go people-watching, go to figure drawing sessions if they’re accessible, ask friends/family to model for you, try pixelovely, and so on. There’s a lot of different ways you can practice drawing people! 

I hope that helps, good luck! You can do it! (=゚⌣゚)ノ 

arkolonaut replied to your photoset “in studio”

wowza the second one is beautiful! is that ink/pen?

Thanks!!! ;//o//; That one’s probably my fav thing I’ve done in this sketchbook so far haha, and both of them were done with Kuretake brush pen (I think “fine”? It’s the navy blue sparkly one)

in studio

playing with ink. full view please!

deeeecho asked: I think it's so cool how u make comics and even have ur own store!!! I'm the same age as u but wow! U have so much talent!!! I'm trying to make a comic of my own. I was wondering if u have any tips! It's my first time trying to make one and I don't have the digital art resources like you! Thanks so much and happy artmaking!

Oh man thank you so much, I’m super flattered!!!! 

Digital programs help for sure, but you can definitely make comics without them, even right in your sketchbook! I think the advice most people would give is to just dive right in and go for it. You can do smaller projects to get you started—I love doing/reading autobiographical comics, stuff like Hourly Comics and Katy Farina’s dailies

If you want tips on doing a more ambitious project like an ongoing webcomic or something you’ll have to ask someone else because I’m still figuring that out for myself haha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Toril/Starlock has a tag filled with some really good advice though!

Hope that helps!

arandelaine replied to your photoset “This is (part of) my portfolio for AP drawing; you can see the rest of…”

Wow, these are gorgeous! Awesome job!


wafinlok replied to your photoset “This is (part of) my portfolio for AP drawing; you can see the rest of…”

so not that it matters at all, but are you happy with your score?

I’m pretty satisfied! Then again thanks to senior slide any number would have been fine by me haha

This is (part of) my portfolio for AP drawing; you can see the rest of it hereMy theme revolved around the idea of challenging the way we perceive monsters.

There’s a lot I wish I had done differently, but I learned a lot!